New hair feel…

Selfie moments..

I just got my shoulder length hair cut off on Saturday morning, it felt literally like a weight had been lifted off me. And now back to my spirit colour redhead. It was so relaxing to sit back and just get my hair done. Josie my hairdresser had a lot of fun creating the bob haircut, and it brightens up my mood as well.

Pinterest idea…

It started with an idea to cut it and now here we are new hair feel. Love Pinterest boards of mine 😍😍😍

Quite a few compliments as well, slowly learning to just say thank you and not doubt myself any longer. Definitely agree that a change is as good as a holiday for sure. Loving my red hair colour as well. I feel that not naturally, but spiritually I am a redhead and so I feel not myself without my bright red hair and smile of course.

I even washed it myself the other day, first time after colour is always a little nerve wracking because it could go either very good or quite bad indeed. Thankfully all was good, didn’t blow dry and so a little more wavy, quite a lot of scrunching of hair too.

Anyway ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox And hope you have a great day xox

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