How I write my blog posts..

It starts with a photo…an idea…

A photo and a little seed of an idea, and sometimes a little madness as well. When I say that I mean thinking on the flipside, not the norm at all. Creative thinking means believing it is possible before anybody can say it’s impossible to you. Something which has never stopped me in the past, and will probably not stop in the future. Writing in some shape or form has always been a way for me to truly express myself, words have helped me to be me I guess you could say. I feel most comfortable with words and behind a printed page, or blog post. You never really see the real me, but at times it helps me to be more free indeed, and more myself than other times. Never fake, because I hate fake people. Small talk is just a way to avoid the real truth.

My Blog posts and the way I write them, truly do not follow any proven formula at all. At most they are pretty much hit and miss. As well as being rather all over the shop in content and in style. I love to change it up a lot of the time when I write, sometimes cheeky and fun, other times serious almost to the point of pure pain. Middle ground is not for me at all.

Serious blogger at work…

I also love to mess around with photos and fonts when writing as well. I feel blogging should be fun and not a chore, otherwise why blog in the first place. I don’t do it for money, I do it because I love to write and get my work out there in the blogosphere as well. It isn’t being noticed, but people reading and commenting on my unique and personal stuff.

I can have a topic or theme in mind, or it can be off the cuff stuff about life as an Kindy aide, usually with really funny stories of what my kids get up too. I have taken a real interest in photography as well and love to make videos that I haven’t put in my blog just yet.

Fun 🌻🌻🌻

Most importantly my blog is about FUN and having a lot of it indeed. Despite life little moments sent to try us, I love to laugh and I don’t mean a little laugh, I mean full on belly laugh. Where you can not talk because it is just too funny. My Blog is about bringing some of that fun into the world, especially at the moment with the war,virus and floods impacting our world. We still need to be able to smile, even though we are truly hurting. We are only human after all.

Writing a Blog has always been a dream and so to have one now makes me smile every day. I feel you need to be yourself and not copy anybody else’s blog, because it never ends up being truly you. It is good to collaborate with fellow Bloggers, which I have done in the past. But ultimately you need to be you, uniquely yourself, because it always sits and sounds much better.

This is ME..

Sometimes my blog posts take no time at all and sometimes, they literally take a month or so. Just trust the progress as I always say to my Kindy children.

Hope that helps any up and coming bloggers out there in the blogosphere who are struggling with writing. Do not ever give up, you will write a lot of bad stuff before you get to the real gems.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox And hope you have a great day xox

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