Thursday notes

Today has dawned to a very gloomy and cloudy day, with possibility of rain. It makes a change from hot weather and endless blue skies. Autumn is trying to break through, with the little things of shorter days and cooler nights, but Summer refuses to let go. It reminds me of a battle of sorts between one season over the other.

Assembly this morning at school, so that will break up the day a little. The green group Kindy starts today, so half the class changes over. Hopefully with the cooler weather the kids will be more settled. It will be rather lovely to sit for awhile, since usually I never get to sit still with the Kindys and Pre-Primary’s. They are always on the go, it will be great to see our Pre-Primary’s get their certificates. They are a really good bunch of kids.

As I write this I can hear the rain falling ever so quietly as if not to disturb me at my writing. It is so lovely to wake up after it has rained overnight, the rain makes it seem like the world has had it’s dust washed away, and what is left is a brand new shiny world for us to carry on with.

Sorry, my sentences appear to carry themselves away from me at times. I do however, enjoy a really long sentence though. Off topic I know, but had to be said. My writing has really quite taken me away, I feel swept off my feet by it all. I haven’t felt that way in years, I am sad to say, but it is the blunt truth.

I really enjoy these little pockets of writing I get done before I go off to school, I feel relaxed and for filled. It sets me up for the rest of the day, which can be quite chaotic at times and I enjoy my quiet time before the mad rush.

Well off to school I go šŸ˜


Kitty-Kat xox

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