The wind

The wind has it’s own voice….

That line popped into my head the other day, it was an extremely windy day, as I watched the wind play with the leaves of the neighbour’s tree. It came to me that indeed the wind has a voice, rather strong at times, but always there to be heard.

I find watching the wind play with the leaves so soothing and quite hypnotic at times. You can not help relax and simply let nature take you on her wings. At school we have a collection of gum trees at one end of our playground, it is a quiet restful area. The wind loves to play amongst the trees, and often when it is strong takes the kid’s hats off in one fluid motion. This never fails to send the kid’s into giggles, and trying to out race the wind to get it back.

I love the way children are so in tune with that sort of stuff, they don’t question it like adults do. They simply take it at face value and move onto the next thing. The wind blows your hat off so laugh it off and then pick your hat up.

The wind rustling amongst the leaves is music to my ears, and is one of my favourite sounds, along with the sound of rain. When I lived in the English countryside, the wind blowing through a field of wheat, looked like a wave upon an ocean. I still can see it now, the peace I found from this I remember still.

It’s funny what I have written from only a few words, it is quite amazing indeed.


Kitty-Kat xox

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