My feet

It’s funny my feet take me everywhere I go, and yet I kinda take them for granted a lot of the time. I guess we all do really when you think about it ? The past couple of month my left ankle has been out of action due to tendinitis. I am seeing a physiotherapist and glad to say, I am able to walk without crutches or walking stick now, but a little slower than usual. It has been frustrating at times, due to the fact I couldn’t walk far, and also my independence was curbed somewhat. I still wear a support on it, but fighting fit again.

I am grateful for my feet and even more so now after all I have experienced. In my right leg I have lymphoema, this was due to cancer in my lymph nodes near my stomach. So it means I have to do certain massages to help drain the fluid, as well as wear compression stockings and special compression shorts under my pants. So injuring my left ankle didn’t help matters. But hey I am still walking and nothing is gonna keep me down for long if ever.

My feet have seen me walk for the first time as a child, then wearing my first high heels as a teenager,doing dancing and gymnastics, even kicking a soccer ball. They have walked all over the South Downs in the UK, all around London and Glasgow city streets. Throughout it all my feet have kept me grounded to the earth, and through them I feel the steady beat of the earth. Even better when I am barefooted, the only way to really feel mother nature at her best.

My feet have lived every single step of my whole life and continue to do so until I no longer walk this earth. The past couple of months I realize how precious they are to me, and yet at times I take them for granted when I really shouldn’t at all. So thank you to my feet, for carrying me throughout my life and carrying the burden without a single complaint.


Kitty-Kat xox

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