Autumn dreams

Autumn is a time of the year that I enjoy the colours not from flowers, but from the trees in and around my house and Perth itself. Everywhere you go I see trees going any shade from yellow, red, brown or even purple the colours are simply breathtakingly beautiful. Autumn is also that time of the year where Summer tries to hold on, but never quite makes it as hot as she once did. The Autumn sun is never as scorching as in the height of Summer. You feel so very warm right into your toes when it’s Autumn.

I loved seeing the leaves falling, and when I lived in Petworth, a little village in West Sussex. I used too love to walk through Petworth park, the big estate house of the village and open to the public. The trees would have dropped there leaves and the ground was carpeted in them. You could run about like a child and jump into them, without a care in the world. It was magic and my true Autumn season, what made it even better was my birthday fell in that season too.

I would spend hours rambling about the village many trails and fallen in love with South Downs turned a lovely shade of golden brown. It truly appeared to be such a lovely sight, one I have never forgotten, even after all these years. My Autumn dreams you might say.

Ciao for now

Kitty-Kat xox

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