First day back at school

My goodness what a long day today was indeed. First day back after two weeks holidays and it was an Monday to boot. I love my job, but sometimes these PD we go on can be a little draining after such a time being away from school environment. I ended up with a headache and being absolutely exhausted. I miss the kids on days like this, and I have to keep saying to myself, do it for them. I push through for the kids who make school fun and engaging. I guess I aren’t cut out for desk job at all ?

It was great seeing everybody back at school and talking about what we did over the break. I am just glad tomorrow the kids return and I will be so glad to see and talk to them. I am ready to back to work for the students. They alone make my job so much better than anything else I do in my life.

The weather is certainly cold and wet today, something I am so glad about. I didn’t like the 30°c day we had on Sunday. That is not Autumn weather at all in my book anyway. So ends my first day back at school, no children just us adults stuck in chairs, and wondering when the day was going to end.

Ciao for now

Kitty-Kat xox

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